Two Mick Jaggers and a line of cheap whizz (slutbunwalla) wrote in yingtong,
Two Mick Jaggers and a line of cheap whizz

How dare you call me Major Bloodnok!

I always have a revelatory moment on YouTube. For instance, such as this one, I was looking at old Sesame St. clips and suddenly realized I could look for Muppet Show clips! It may seem obvious, but I'm a little slow.
A little, slow _what_? you might ask.

Consequently, I saw this and his voice is so recognizable as remnants of different kind of shape shifts a little bit but underneath...Underneath, I say it is absolutely naked! No, no, I meant "it's Bloodnok!" Maybe a naked Bloodnok? With a sock full of warm spagetti?
...Maybe not.
Just thought I'd share, maybe everyone's seen these before...
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In a relatively recent biography of Peter Sellers, much was made of his "surgically removed" comment. Personally I think his self atrophied from disuse.

Well, I can't sit here all day!
his voice is spot-on at times.


major? is that you? where's your theme-music gone then buddy?
Where else? Round the back for the ol' brandy!